Christian Counseling Services

Why Christian Counseling by a Licensed Professional Counselor?

Christian Counseling provides individuals identifying with a Christian worldview a way to incorporate faith in every aspect of life. What makes Christian counseling different? A few differences may include prayer, scripture, and discussion of spirituality as it relates to the presenting issues.

Marriage Counseling

Why wait until hardness and bitterness sets in? Christian Marriage Counseling san antonio explores the dynamics of conflict, betrayal, disappointment, despair, confusion and lack of understanding found in struggling relationships.

Couples can learn how to grow in acceptance of one another and in hope for their marriage. Couples can experience a deepening of their relationship with God and each other as they take the courageous step toward improving their marital life.

Are you feeling like you’ve waited too long? You’re not alone and there still is hope. The counseling office is a safe, non-judgmental space to begin your journey toward healing.


Premarital Counseling

Does your officiating pastor require that you go though premarital classes or counseling? Typically, couples seek out premarital services to fulfill this requirement and frequently find that they truly enjoy what they learn about their relationship through premarital counseling.

Are you finding that in your relationship you are experiencing doubts and/or conflicts? Couples facing one of the biggest commitments of their life often find themselves desiring outside guidance. Couples in premarital counseling can find clarity and understanding in their relationship, preparing them for a healthy start and an joyful wedding!

Pre-marital counseling services use the PREPARE inventory, as well as 6 to 10 counseling sessions focused on what is learned about the couple in the inventory and what is brought to the sessions through the couple’s stories and dreams. Premarital counseling is an excellent way to establish a healthy beginning and to develop resources to return to throughout your lives together.


Individual Counseling

Do you need a place where you can safely share the secrets of your heart, the struggles in your mind and the feelings you have about how you are living your life? Individual counseling is a place where your fears, doubts, anger, sadness, hopes, dreams and disappointments can be explored confidentially and without shame. You share your stories as the counselor collaborates with you on a journey toward insight, change, and a more satisfying relationship with God and with others. Thoughts that plague you or behaviors that leave you feeling helpless come into perspective and you can be empowered to live with renewed hope.



Do you have an intern site at a local church or other organization, but need a supervisor coming from a Christian Counseling perspective? Interns needing to complete hours for state certification and who have already established an intern site are invited to inquire about supervision through Christina L. Russell, MA, LPC, NCC (Board Approved Supervisor).



Areas of Service

Heartbreak, relationship disappointments, life transitions, and mental health struggles are some of the reasons people seek counseling. As a Christian Counselor, Christina believes God loves you deeply and knows you well!  As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Christina is trained to help you through a variety of struggles and transitions.


Relationship Concerns
Single life Concerns
Marriage Problems
Struggling with adolescence
Spiritual Concerns
Adjustments to life changes
Career issues and Goal Development
Identity issues

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