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Christina L Russell

About Living Well

Ever wonder, “What it means to be living well?”

I get the privilege of sitting with beautiful souls weekly, who have rarely known how truly precious they are. They share stories of struggles, triumphs, hopes, and despair, in expectation that we can together make sense of it all, with the end result in mind, living well.

To live well, looks to me like abandoned shame. It’s to proclaim what the woman at the well shouted to all who would hear her, “Come see a man who told me everything I ever did! Could this be the Christ?” What person clinging on to shame, would call others to meet a man who knew EVERYTHING you ever did?

So for me, to live well is to meet Jesus and drink life from Him, abandoning shame and sharing my story with others, being known, completely loved, and oh so precious in His sight. In my counseling practice I use well researched tools to guide my clients towards their goals. The training I’ve received is a blessing that I apply thoughtfully to my time with clients. I love being a listener and collaborating with my clients to use new ways to more fully show up for life, their values, and their goals. But most of all, I’m humbled that I can speak of Jesus, who knows them so much better than I and that they may walk away, proclaiming His love for them, without shame, fully known, completely loved, and living well.

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